Fresh Knots: A Fresh Twist on Garlic Bread from Fresh Brothers

On Friday, January 27th, Fresh Brothers introduced a new menu item – Fresh Knots – a fresh twist on garlic bread.  To celebrate the new product launch, Fresh Brothers sent out 10,000 samples of Fresh Knots to customers all weekend, for FREE!

They look incredible, don’t they?  Fresh Knots are light, crispy and deliciously chewy.

Made from our freshly made pizza dough, Fresh Knots are tied up into tiny bundles and baked.

The Fresh Knots are then cooked until they are golden brown.  The Knots are then dusted with Parmesan cheese and served with a side of pizza sauce.

Customers who placed orders for pizza, salad or wings, where treated to surprise samples of the Fresh Knots.

Adam Goldberg, CEO & Founder of Fresh Brothers, worked with his brother, Michael Goldberg, COO, to help expedite the free sample promotion.

Here are a few rave reviews from our Facebook page:

Have you tried the Fresh Knots?  If so, what do you think?

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Fresh Brothers Featured on “The Doctors” TV Show

Set your digital recording devices – Fresh Brothers will be featured tomorrow, January 18th, on “The Doctors.”  It airs here in Los Angeles on KCBS at 2:00 pm.

The Producers of “The Doctors” invited Fresh Brothers to be a part of their show tomorrow.  The Docs discussed the Congressional food fight about pizza on the school lunch menu.  Samples of the “Fresh Kids Special” were handed out to the cast and audience during the debate.  The Fresh Kids Special is  healthy blend of finely ground vegetables mixed into our pizza sauce.

We hope you’ll take a moment to watch the show tomorrow.  If you can’t, though, we’ll publish a clip or two here!

Have you tried The Fresh Kids Special?  What do you think?

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Meet the 5 Pound Pizza: The Miller Pizza Special

What weighs FIVE pounds and is covered with bacon, ham, sausage, ground beef and pepperoni?  Meet The Miller Pizza Special, one of our house specialties and a Fresh Brothers customer favorite.

Mmm… meat, and it doesn’t get meatier than this pie.  The Miller Pizza Special is a real customer favorite, and has a cult like fan base.

The Miller Pizza is definitely an old school pizza.  Most of the Fresh Brothers pizza recipes have been in our family for over 25 years, thanks to Fresh Brother, Scott Goldberg.

Scott Goldberg, Owner of Miller Pizza Company

When ordering from Miller Pizza Co., this pizza is called The Meat Pizza.  (Very original, right?)  When Brothers Adam & Michael decided to bring Scott’s recipes to the West Coast, they renamed the pizza the Miller Pizza Special in honor of their brother, Scott.

Located in an old train station, Miller Pizza Company has been a staple of the Miller Beach neighborhood of Gary, Indiana, just 25 miles outside of Chicago, since 1985.

Miller Pizza Company, in Gary, Indiana.

The Miller Pizza Special is a heavy-weight pizza.  When you order it as a extra large deep dish pizza, it weighs 5 pounds!  We use the finest quality meat for this pie (along with all of our other pizzas on the menu) and combined with our premium mozzarella cheese, The Miller Pizza Special may fill you up, but it’s not rough on your tummy.

Have you had The Miller Pizza Special?  What do you love most about this pizza?  How many slices have you been able to eat?

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Fresh Brothers Introduces New Menu Items & Contest!

Fresh Brothers is happy to announce that we’ve added two new products to our menu:  turkey sausage and meatballs.

The turkey sausage is really great.  We sampled it last weekend at the Manhattan Beach Education Foundation Wine Auction (the most amazing school fundraiser ever!) and people loved it.  Many commented that they couldn’t tell that it was turkey!

Mmmm… meatballs.  Our new meatballs are a tasty and welcome treat.  We have a lot of customers who are thrilled that we finally added meatballs to the menu.

And, speaking of meatballs, we’ve added a new pizza to the menu: the Old School – meatballs layered with pepperoni and smothered with spicy giardiniera.  So good!

Have you tried them yet?

To celebrate the launch of these new items, we’re hosting a contest – we have three $20.00 gift certificates to give away!  To enter the contest, leave a comment here within the blog.  If you share this post on your Facebook page and tag us within the text of your Facebook post, we’ll add one extra entry for you!  We’ll then pick three random winners using   Good luck!

* This contest ends on Friday, June 17th at noon pst.  Winners will be announced here on the blog!

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Fresh Brothers Beverly Hills Grand Opening


Fresh Brothers recently hosted a grand opening celebration at our newest location – 250 S. Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills!  We invited bloggers and members of the media to bring their kids and join us for pizza making & cupcake decorating. Fresh Brother Scott Goldberg, owner of Miller Pizza, and the original creator of most of the Fresh Brothers recipes, gave the kids a dough tossing demonstration. We had a surprise visit from The Soozie Show.  Suzanne Haring is the most talented balloon artist that I’ve ever met.  The kids absolutely loved her work! The event showcased a few of the things that we do at our unique children’s birthday parties.  We host “Make Your Own Pizza” parties at five of our locations.  (All but the Manhattan Beach location.)  During these parties, kids each get to make their own 7″ pizza.  Packages include a souvenir t-shirt and a drink for each child.  We can add-on things like apron decorating, and cupcake decorating.  Cupcake decorating is always a hit! For more information about our birthday party packages, click here! Many thanks to the amazing bloggers & members of the media that came out to support us:  Kim Tracy Prince,, Laurie Lande, Yvonne Condes, Jeanine Chanin-Penn, Sarah Auerswald, MomsLA, Jasmine Forte, Yvonne Elm Hall & Michael Jenkins-Brown.  Please click on their links and check out their work!

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Fresh Brothers “Help a Mother Out” Diaper Drive – Thank you!

On Saturday, May 7th, Fresh Brothers held a Diaper Drive at all five of our locations.  Fresh Brothers partnered with blogger extraordinaire, Kim Tracy Prince, who is also the Los Angeles Chapter Manager for the organization, Help a Mother Out.  Help a Mother Out is an organization dedicated to increasing access to diapers for families in need.

The Facts:

– 1 in 3 American families struggle to provide diapers for their baby.

– It can cost $1,100 a year to diaper a baby.

– Diapers are not covered under Food Stamps or WIC.

– Babies left in dirty diapers face greater risks for diaper rash, staph, and UTIs.

– Diapers are required to attend free or subsidized childcare programs.

Why is it that you can buy Doritos or Pringles using food stamps, but not diapers? 

Thanks to our customers, we made a serious impact on local moms in need this weekend.

We collected a total of 4,558 diapers, several cases of wipes and almost $500 in cash during the Diaper Drive.   Two organizations were then given the diapers to distribute: PATH/ACHIEVE Glendale & Ocean Park Community Center .

As a mother of six year-old twins, as a business owner, hosting this Diaper Drive was very important to me.  Mother’s Day this year also happened to be my birthday.  What more could I ask for than the opportunity to do something meaningful for the community that I live in?

Thank you to all who came out to help us this weekend.  We are grateful to you for your help.  If you’d like to make a donation to Help a Mother Out, click on the orange button next to this post.

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Save the Date! Help a Mother Out Diaper Drive

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