Fresh Knots: A Fresh Twist on Garlic Bread from Fresh Brothers

On Friday, January 27th, Fresh Brothers introduced a new menu item – Fresh Knots – a fresh twist on garlic bread.  To celebrate the new product launch, Fresh Brothers sent out 10,000 samples of Fresh Knots to customers all weekend, for FREE!

They look incredible, don’t they?  Fresh Knots are light, crispy and deliciously chewy.

Made from our freshly made pizza dough, Fresh Knots are tied up into tiny bundles and baked.

The Fresh Knots are then cooked until they are golden brown.  The Knots are then dusted with Parmesan cheese and served with a side of pizza sauce.

Customers who placed orders for pizza, salad or wings, where treated to surprise samples of the Fresh Knots.

Adam Goldberg, CEO & Founder of Fresh Brothers, worked with his brother, Michael Goldberg, COO, to help expedite the free sample promotion.

Here are a few rave reviews from our Facebook page:

Have you tried the Fresh Knots?  If so, what do you think?

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