Meet the 5 Pound Pizza: The Miller Pizza Special

What weighs FIVE pounds and is covered with bacon, ham, sausage, ground beef and pepperoni?  Meet The Miller Pizza Special, one of our house specialties and a Fresh Brothers customer favorite.

Mmm… meat, and it doesn’t get meatier than this pie.  The Miller Pizza Special is a real customer favorite, and has a cult like fan base.

The Miller Pizza is definitely an old school pizza.  Most of the Fresh Brothers pizza recipes have been in our family for over 25 years, thanks to Fresh Brother, Scott Goldberg.

Scott Goldberg, Owner of Miller Pizza Company

When ordering from Miller Pizza Co., this pizza is called The Meat Pizza.  (Very original, right?)  When Brothers Adam & Michael decided to bring Scott’s recipes to the West Coast, they renamed the pizza the Miller Pizza Special in honor of their brother, Scott.

Located in an old train station, Miller Pizza Company has been a staple of the Miller Beach neighborhood of Gary, Indiana, just 25 miles outside of Chicago, since 1985.

Miller Pizza Company, in Gary, Indiana.

The Miller Pizza Special is a heavy-weight pizza.  When you order it as a extra large deep dish pizza, it weighs 5 pounds!  We use the finest quality meat for this pie (along with all of our other pizzas on the menu) and combined with our premium mozzarella cheese, The Miller Pizza Special may fill you up, but it’s not rough on your tummy.

Have you had The Miller Pizza Special?  What do you love most about this pizza?  How many slices have you been able to eat?

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2 Responses to Meet the 5 Pound Pizza: The Miller Pizza Special

  1. I can testify that if you love meat, this pizza is the best!

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