Fresh Brothers Introduces New Menu Items & Contest!

Fresh Brothers is happy to announce that we’ve added two new products to our menu:  turkey sausage and meatballs.

The turkey sausage is really great.  We sampled it last weekend at the Manhattan Beach Education Foundation Wine Auction (the most amazing school fundraiser ever!) and people loved it.  Many commented that they couldn’t tell that it was turkey!

Mmmm… meatballs.  Our new meatballs are a tasty and welcome treat.  We have a lot of customers who are thrilled that we finally added meatballs to the menu.

And, speaking of meatballs, we’ve added a new pizza to the menu: the Old School – meatballs layered with pepperoni and smothered with spicy giardiniera.  So good!

Have you tried them yet?

To celebrate the launch of these new items, we’re hosting a contest – we have three $20.00 gift certificates to give away!  To enter the contest, leave a comment here within the blog.  If you share this post on your Facebook page and tag us within the text of your Facebook post, we’ll add one extra entry for you!  We’ll then pick three random winners using   Good luck!

* This contest ends on Friday, June 17th at noon pst.  Winners will be announced here on the blog!

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36 Responses to Fresh Brothers Introduces New Menu Items & Contest!

  1. Tracy says:

    So excited to try the meatball, pepperoni & giardiniera pizza!! We had the turkey sausage one last weekend (gluten free) and it was delish!!! Might just have to walk over to the Beverly Hills location & grab me a pizza for lunch! Thanks Debbie!!

    • Hi Tracy – Let me know what you think… I’m betting you’ll be a fan! Have you tried giardiniera before?


      • Tracy says:

        Actually, yes!! Last week I ordered a “TLC Special” – my new favorite: gluten-free pizza with turkey sausage & giardiniera…it was SOOO good!! I was thinking about adding feta to it next time!!

  2. Piran Zarifian says:

    I LOVE Fresh Brother!, I am sooo happy they are here in Beverly Hills, I honestly go there 5 or 6 times a week. Not only they have great tasting pizzas, their salads are also very delicious. And the food is healthy. Big Fan!

    • Hi Piran – Thank you! Wow…thanks for visiting the store so frequently. Make sure you sign up for our email blasts so you get our weekly specials. Also, when you do that, you get a certificate for a free 7″ pizza during your birthday month!

      • Piran Zarifian says:

        Awesome will do when I come in next time, Today I met Adam, Fantastic guy, as always great food and great service.

  3. Parker P. says:

    Really love Fresh Brothers. My friends and I go their every week right before the movies.

  4. Patrice says:

    I just got my birthday postcard, so you know I”m coming in soon !

  5. Dave Levin says:

    Gluten free pizza with turkey sounds delicious, add a side of meatballs and I”m satisfied!
    Following Facebook and twitter @mailmandave11

  6. Oh, Dave, the meatballs are NOT gluten-free. Sorry, I should have said that earlier.

  7. Sharon Jones says:

    Is the turkey sausage all-turkey, or turkey and pork? Look forward to trying it!

  8. Willow says:

    Anything gluten-free I’m up for trying! (So no meatballs for me, turkey sausage here I come!) With a pizza chaser, of course!

  9. Rosary Nabor says:

    My favorite pizza in Marina Del Rey! Love it! Also posted on facebook – thanks!

  10. Bryant Antonio says:

    You have a birthday promotion/email list? I want to sign up please!

  11. Esteban Verador says:

    My neighbor first took me here and I have loved it since… thank you for having this contest. I am hoping I win.

  12. Pat Pelland says:

    Huge fan of Fresh Brothers, drive out to the one in Calabasas eat a slice and watch turtles! I look forward to trying the turkey sausage!

  13. Philip says:

    Sounds Gobble Gobble Delicious.

  14. Joaane says:

    Yum! Can’t wait to try the new items!! 🙂

  15. Holly Cornish says:

    Can’t wait to try the new meatballs at Fresh Brothers

  16. Sarah says:

    How about the meatballs, are they just beef or do they include pork as well?

  17. shira says:

    We’ve known Fresh brother’s since they’ve open their first store. We eat there all the time because there’s nothing like them! We just had them cater for the kid’s birthday party, and everything was gone fast!! ( this never happened before!) I don’t usually write reviews, but they truly deserve my time 🙂 ! thank you for being so great,; using fresh products and making such an amazing food!

  18. leslie says:

    This is the best pizza parlor ever! Food is so so so good!

  19. Ingemar H. says:

    Since I first discovered Fresh Bros in Marina Del Rey I’ve been a huge fan. With the addition of turkey sausage and meatballs Fresh Brothers is just getting better and better. now the only question is do I try the turkey on my next visit or the meatballs…well why not both??!!!

  20. Mike Attar says:

    Love you pizza … and I can’t wait to try the turkey sausage since I don’t eat pork.

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