Fresh Brothers “Help a Mother Out” Diaper Drive – Thank you!

On Saturday, May 7th, Fresh Brothers held a Diaper Drive at all five of our locations.  Fresh Brothers partnered with blogger extraordinaire, Kim Tracy Prince, who is also the Los Angeles Chapter Manager for the organization, Help a Mother Out.  Help a Mother Out is an organization dedicated to increasing access to diapers for families in need.

The Facts:

– 1 in 3 American families struggle to provide diapers for their baby.

– It can cost $1,100 a year to diaper a baby.

– Diapers are not covered under Food Stamps or WIC.

– Babies left in dirty diapers face greater risks for diaper rash, staph, and UTIs.

– Diapers are required to attend free or subsidized childcare programs.

Why is it that you can buy Doritos or Pringles using food stamps, but not diapers? 

Thanks to our customers, we made a serious impact on local moms in need this weekend.

We collected a total of 4,558 diapers, several cases of wipes and almost $500 in cash during the Diaper Drive.   Two organizations were then given the diapers to distribute: PATH/ACHIEVE Glendale & Ocean Park Community Center .

As a mother of six year-old twins, as a business owner, hosting this Diaper Drive was very important to me.  Mother’s Day this year also happened to be my birthday.  What more could I ask for than the opportunity to do something meaningful for the community that I live in?

Thank you to all who came out to help us this weekend.  We are grateful to you for your help.  If you’d like to make a donation to Help a Mother Out, click on the orange button next to this post.

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3 Responses to Fresh Brothers “Help a Mother Out” Diaper Drive – Thank you!

  1. Awesome! Kudos! And hats off to Fresh Brothers! Thank you for addressing a community need with “action” and not with just lip service. Since 1995, I have been a single Mother and I know first hand the difficulties, struggles, and many times disappointments these moms face, especially, when you know your child(ren) has an American right to basic necessities… Thank you again Fresh Brothers.

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