Pizza: The New Breakfast of Champions

Do you eat pizza for breakfast?  I do.  Today I had a piece of our deep-dish Greek pizza. We had some in the fridge.  I lifted a piece out of the ziploc bag and quickly ate it.  Pizza is a portable food.  Plates aren’t needed to eat it.  For me, that’s part of the appeal of pizza for breakfast.  It’s fast, easy and tasty.

One of our customers posted this photo to our Facebook page:

It’s a photo of a slice of our deep dish Miller Pizza, reheated in the oven.  It’s topped with giardinara, and an egg over easy.  He swears that all who taste this concoction love it.

Do you eat pizza for breakfast?

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4 Responses to Pizza: The New Breakfast of Champions

  1. Natalie says:

    I Love pizza for breakfast! Especially Fresh Brothers Deep Dish with Giardinara. I don’t even warm it up. Just give me some cold, right out of the fridge. I am looking forward to the blogging from Fresh Brothers, because all of your other social media stuff is fantastic!

    Seaside Sew

  2. Matt says:

    pizza’s the one food i could eat for breakfast lunch and dinner 7 days a week and not get sick of it! can’t wait to try your new white pizza!

  3. Yvonne Hall says:

    Funny, we ordered my friend one of your gluten free pizzas over the weekend for her visit from Atlanta. She is very jealous that we can get such great GF pizza delivered. She loved it so much that she had it for dinner after her plane ride Friday AND again for breakfast on Saturday before our trip!!

  4. lisawifemom says:

    Although I get dirty looks and comments from hubby, I often eat leftover pizza for breakfast. I’m not a sweets person at breakfast time, give me something hearty to start my day, and pizza often fits the bill!

    I especially get dirty looks when I’m eating hubby’s leftover FB Miller! 🙂

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